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Sondra Blockman

Sondra BlockmanName: Sondra Blockman
Email Address: sblockman@westmont.edu
Nickname: Sondi
Date Of Birth: 06/24/87
Hometown: Redding
Marital Status: Single
Education: B.S Kinesiology- exercise physiology
Instagram: sondibsolid

Pet Peeve In The Gym: More like pet peeve(s)
* Not allowing others to work in when sets are taking too long
*Not un-racking weights
* Invisible lat walk

Special Talent: Fine Art and drumming

Favorite Cheat Meal: Carrot cake with REAL cream cheese frosting! or Sushi!!

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: What inspires me is the feeling of success, and the fear of being mediocre. I believe it is sad to settle or float by in life, never tapping into what you are capable of, especially if you have the innate talent. Anyone can do almost anything, but excelling and being successful in it means you have to put in real effort, you must be tactical and follow through, you cant just go through motions. Also, knowing that I help motivate/inspire others is a huge factor in how and why I continue to push myself.

Fitness Quote You Live By: I have no idols. I admire hard work, dedication and competence. ~ Senna

Most Important Thing / Person In Your Life: My furbabes: My Rottie, Khan, and my rescue cats Puck and Honey. My boyfriend: my support,work out partner and personal chiropractor ;)

Accomplishments and Credentials:
* Freshly minted IFFB pro-Bikini 2016
* 2nd place Team universe Bikini 2016
* 4th place Miami Nationals Bikini 2015
* 5th place Team USA Bikini 2015
* 1st place Overall Figure Chico bodybuilding 15'
* 1st place overall Bikini Chico bodybuilding 15'
* 1st place Cascadian classic bikini 2015
* 1st place Sacramento golden state Figure 2015
* 3rd lace Jr. Nationals Figure 2015
* 1st place Governors cup 2012
* Spread in BFW Magazine 2015
* Cover of BMW magazine 2016
* NAIA Track and field Athlete 2011
* State champion gymnast 2005
* Ford Scolar
* Westmont Alumni

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