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John "Yanni" Jasman

yanni.jpgName: John I Jasman
Nickname: Yanni
Date Of Birth: June 12, 1992
Hometown: Brielle
Marital Status: Single
Education: College student
Facebook: Yanni Jasman
Instagram: @yannijasman

Pet Peeve In The Gym: By far my biggest pet peeve in the gym is when people come up to me day after day, week after week and ask what they are doing wrong and why don't they "look good" and I explain that its ALL diet... and they continue to eat bad and make no changes and try to take more supplements instead of cutting out the junk. Drives me bonkers hahaha

Special Talent: A special talent .... ? I guess a special talent of mine would that I've can play guitar. Ive been playing for about 13 years now. I love playing every type of music especially classic rock.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Favorite cheat meal is anything with my friends or family. As long as its a good time I'm in. Burgers are good though.... haha

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: Something that inspires me to excel in life and in the gym in my career goals. I want to get my major in physical therapy , it comes with a lot of school but that ok because I love learning and I'm just educating myself along the way. Something else the inspires me to excel especially in the gym is earning my IFBB Pro Card. It my ultimate goal as a competitor and I will soon fulfill it.

Fitness Quote You Live By: "Everything in moderation" " I didn't come this far to only come this far" by far my fav 2

Most Important Thing / Person In Your Life: My most important person in my life is by far my mother ( and my nan coming in at a close 2nd) My mom has supported me not only in bodybuilding but in everything I do. Through thick and thin she is there for me. When I'm in prep for a show my mom is my number 1 supporter , she understands everything I'm going through, the cardio , training , the low carb days, she understands and still sticks by my side even when I'm a brat from not being fed. My nan too , between the both of them and my two close friends thats all I need. I have a small circle but its strong.

Short Bio - Accomplishments and Credentials: A little about myself. My Name is Yanni Jasman, I am a 24 year old mens physique competitor from New Jersey I have competed 8 times, 4 times nationally. I have a hand full of 2nd place finishes and a regional overall win. I started competing about 3 years ago under the coaching of Dan Hawtin. As of right now I do not have a coach and I am in the process of finding one. Before bodybuilding I was very athletic in high school, I ran track and was on the wrestling team. Also I'm an eagle scout and was on the fire department for 5 years.

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