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Chris Pendergrass

chris-pendergrass.jpgName: Chris Pendergrass
Email Address: chrjpen1@gmail.com
Date Of Birth: 9/19/1987
Hometown: Poteau, Ok
Marital Status: Married
Education: Bachelors in Exercise Science/Masters in Adult Ed
Facebook: chris.pendergrass
Instagram: the_mincemeat

Pet Peeve In The Gym:
-Texting on the phone while using equipment
-Gym members wanting to chat for long periods of time while your in the middle of working out
-Coming to the gym in flip flops

Special Talents:
-Demonstrates inordinate politeness in nearly every situation.
-Amazing at air guitar, air bass, and air drums.
-Listens attentively to boring stories
- Admit I'm wrong, sometimes when I'm not even wrong.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Garlic Knots and Stuffed Crust Pizza

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: 
What inspires me to excel in life? The answer is simple for me. Leaving behind a legacy inspires me more than anything. I want to be remembered by family, close friends, and those that know me as a man that not only committed his life to success in all aspects, but inspired others to succeed on his path. To leave a legacy I feel you need to give it %100 at taking care of family, friends, house choirs, work, goals, and in the gym.

What inspires me to excel in the gym? Knowing that the U.S is currently the leading country in obesity and Oklahoma consistently being ranked in the top 5 states for being overweight. That inspires me to fight against the hand we have been dealt and inspire others on the way.

Fitness Quote You Live By: 
It ain't about how hard you can get hit; its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.- Rocky

Most Important Thing / Person In Your Life: 
My Wife. She has been very supportive of my goals in life and is always there for me when things don't quite go as expected. Through thick and thin she has stuck it out with me. We work together as a team and build each other up when life gets tough.

Goals: IFBB Pro Card (BB Light Heavy or Classic Physique)

2013-NPC heartland classic: 1st place novice/2nd open
2013- NPC Grand Prix (National Qualifier): 4th place
2014- NPC Oklahoma Championship (National Qualifier): 2nd Place
2015-NPC Jr USA's 10th Place
2016- Grand Prix- BB LHW Novie- 2nd place, BB LHW Open- 3rd, Classic Physique- 3rd

Best Body parts: Legs, Shoulders, Arms

Worst Body parts: Chest, Back

Health and wellness is my lifestyle, and being a positive role model for others in all that I do is what I strive for everyday

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