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Braden Smith

braden-smith.jpgName: Braden Smith
Email Address: braden96@earthlink.net
Nickname: HP
Date Of Birth: 1-21-96
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Twitter: Braden96Smith
Facebook: Braden Smith
Instagram: bradens_smith

Pet Peeve In The Gym: 
My biggest pet peeve in the gym is when it's cold. If the air conditioning doesn't work and I can't get a sweat going then that's not good!

Special Talent: I honestly don't have any special talent. I have a very strong mindset and I work as hard as I possibly can everyday.

Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice cream is definitely my favorite thing in the world. I have to go to braums every now and then!

What Inspires You To Excel In Life And The Gym: 
My family and my girlfriend inspire me. I know I don't have a lot of money because I'm chasing my dream, but I know I can't quit because I've got to make things happen. My brothers already look up to me because I'm doing something special, and my girlfriend is amazing and supportive! I do it for them.

Fitness Quote You Live By: 
Not really a fitness quote but I really like "Winners focus on winning, and losers focus on winners"

Most Important Thing / Person In Your Life: 
The most important thing in my life is Mixed Martial arts. I have to have training in my life or I won't have a purpose. It's a drug, it's therapy, and I will literally go insane without it!

Short Bio - Accomplishments and Credentials: 
Well I'm a 6-1 Pro Mixed Martial Artist. I am also 2-0 in boxing. All my wins in MMA are by way of finish. My last fight was on Axs TV and I won with a first round submission against another undefeated prospect. I'm also currently the RITC and SCS 170 pound Oklahoma title holder.

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