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​Focus on Success


Focus on Success

You can have a strong desire and really want to achieve your goal but as I’m sure you’ve experienced, life has its way of knocking us off course, or completely hitting you in the gut and dragging you under….things come up, distractions occur, the next thing you know, you look at your goals and wonder what the heck happened.

Success takes a lot of focus. ….People often get easily side tracked. Circumstances and situations can nudge you off course. When you lose focus remember everyday is a gift, nothing is promised, so for me my focus comes by fighting back against mediocrity and realizing it is now or never. Keeping your mind focused on your goals can be a constant battle, because everything around you is trying to get your attention, you must be single minded in your pursuit of success, nothing and no one can get in your way…you must destroy all obstacles.

A final thought I want to leave you with about focusing on success is that you’re going to have days where it seems like you fell short of your goals for that day, keep pushing and focus on the fact that you did something... something is always better than nothing. Many people will beat themselves up mentally and quit all together…but when you focus on success there can be no time for an extended pity party. Next day it is game on, meeting all challenges head on with a renewed and ferocious, unwavering intensity.

Distractions are like gravity, they are constant. Daily noise and distractions cause us all to fall every now and then, the success comes in the rising when you fall and moving forward with a NO EXCUSES attitude. The important thing is that we bounce back up every time we fail. Get your focus back on your goals, when you start to realize your energy and focus are drifting somewhere else, Toughen The Hell Up…refocus and take no prisoners in achieving your desired goals. Until next time…Make no excuses, choose to succeed and be the person that others only dream about being.

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